Late Night Thoughts: Duluth

Before staring my sophomore year of College my boyfriend invited me to his cabin somewhere up by Duluth. I was pretty excited and to myself “What a great way to end summer vacation”. I go to school in Minnesota so I thought it would be a lot like this but more trees. This was my first true time in northern Minnesota for more than a night. When I got there it was so pretty, I was already amazed! His cabin is by nothing so we had no cell service so we spent most of our time on the lake or just relaxing. We tried to go fishing one of the days, we were out on the lake for about 5 minutes when it stared down pouring on us. His brother and his friends were also there. With them we would go out tubing or wakeboarding and play spikeball or badminton ( I was probably on the losing team every time, oops). Some of the days we were there we went into town and did all the touristy things!


One day we went up the north shore with his grandparents ( probably the cutest people I’ve ever met, oh and knew everything about the north shore). Another night we went outside with his brother and his friends and just sat on the dock looking at the stars. They were so pretty and you could see them all perfectly. We did this for a while until the bats started to swoop really close to us. We then went to the fire and played some card games. To be honest it was actually pretty fun and cool to see everything there! Another bonus of going there was my best friend from school lives there and I hasn’t seen her all summer (SO SAD)!


But besides all of the fun stuff we did, I got to spend time with two of my favorite people! As another school year is flying by, I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us! Hopefully another trip full of adventure and relaxation!